Vascular and Rosacea Treatment

Veins are great at transporting blood, but that doesn't mean you want to see them on your face.

Cynosure Laser Treatment can make unsightly blemishes like broken blood vessels and spider veins disappear with Intense Pulsed Light, all without damaging the skin around it.

Got Rosacea? Cynosure Laser Treatment has got you covered too. With a few light-based Cynosure Laser Treatments, you can reduce the redness and rashes. By targeting the blood vessels a Cynosure Laser Treatment can remove the cause of rosacea making it disappear all while improving your skin's texture, abating the appearance of break-outs and broken blood vessels. And unlike medications that can take weeks to show results, a Cynosure Laser Treatment works quickly, each session takes less than 30 minutes and some patients see improvement after the very first one.

General Cynosure Laser Treatment Questions

How long does a Cynosure Laser Treatment last?

Each Cynosure Laser Treatment generally takes at most 30 minutes, often far less, but it depends on the size of the treatment area and also the procedure you want done. Several treatments may be necessary for optimal results.

What side-effects can I expect?

After a Cynosure Laser Treatment there can be a little redness or swelling, resembling a sunburn for a few days as the skin takes time to heal, and occasionally skin may darken for a day or so before the old is sloughed off to reveal new skin underneath. Side-effects do vary from procedure to procedure and can be discussed during your consultation.

Does it hurt?

Most patients feel mild to no discomfort during their Cynosure Laser Treatment. But if it is a concern, pain management options can always be discussed in a consultation so you don't have to worry.

How do I find out more?

Interested in what a Cynosure Laser Treatment can do for you? Call us for a consultation at 866.803.8033..

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