Neck lift

Signs of aging are not limited to the upper face. As we age the skin of the neck becomes lax. There are two muscles in the neck, called the platysma, and in some patients they appear as bands beneath the skin. Also, some patients develop a deposit of fat beneath their chin, which makes the neck appear heavy.

An operation to improve the neck is called a neck lift. This operation is frequently carried out at the same time as a facelift, although it can be carried out without treating the face. In a neck lift incisions are made in front of the ears and run behind the ears and perhaps into the scalp behind the ears. The skin of the neck is undermined and the bands of platysma are smoothed.

This can be done either by making an incision beneath the chin and sewing the muscles together, or by pulling the platysma upward during the facelift procedure. Fat beneath the chin is usually removed by suction lipectomy and the excess skin is removed at the ears. The result of a neck lift is to rejuvenate the neck and make it more slender and more youthful. This operation can be highly beneficial to many patients.

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